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Every Dollar Creates Opportunities For Growth

Help Youth and Adults With Diverse Abilities Meet Their Goals Today!

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Ascend has responded to changes in our community needs for over 64 years.

COVID-19 has brought challenges even we could not have predicted. It impacted our organization in new and difficult ways. Without access to employment and educational opportunities, individuals with exceptional abilities may experience setbacks in the skills and confidence they have spent years building. That's why we need to make sure Ascend is able to provide diverse and flexible programs to meet the needs of as many people as possible!

We won't know the full impact on the youth and adults with diverse abilities that we serve until the pandemic has passed. What we do know is that Ascend needs to be ready to meet their changing needs now... and throughout the months ahead.

That's where you can help! Donate today to support Ascend as we create ways to serve every individual with diverse abilities that selects our services.